When did it become fall?

Heya gang!  Boy howdy, this summer threw me for a loop!  It went by so fast and was filled with so much amazing that it left little time for website updates.  Shame on me!  Here’s to a new season and better tending to the site.

To those of you who’ve been by in the past, you’ll notice I’ve gone a bit darker for the season.  I only mention it to sing the praises of Mr. Jeff Millies, aka Pez Photo, who is responsible for the new photo.  Chicago is pretty lucky to have him around!

Keep an eye on the upcoming events page for new listings!  There are some Speakeasy Sundays coming up with a very special edition on Oct. 30 called “SPOOKeasy Sunday” that I’m working up a new little song to sing for you all.  It’s gonna be a blast! Don’t miss it!

Hugs and Kisses!

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