On your mark…get set….Strip!

Holy cow, people.  Things are about to blow up big time.  There is so much amazing coming up!

First up we have Speakeasy Sunday this Sunday, May 1st where yours truly will be doing some singin’ and strippin’ to the smooth sound stylings of Mr. Ben Tatar and L’amourchestra.  Check out the deets (is that how the kids spell it?) here: Everleigh Social Club

Next up….and this is huge, gang…..we have the third annual Stripper’s Holiday next Saturday, May 7.

This show features performers from around the country, plus your very own Chicago Starlets and of course, the Ass that goes POW,  Michelle L’amour.  This is an intimate affair folks, so get your tickets now!  All proceeds go to benefit the Burlesque Hall of Fame.  “What?” you say?  “I get to see amazing burlesque AND help a worthy cause?”  IT’S TRUE!

And the very next weekend, my pals in St. Louis can see me in the Show-Me Burlesque Festival!   Then I head off to Las Vegas with the Starlets for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend!  More on those events coming soon!


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