Best of Midwest Burlesk Fest Recap!

At the end of January I, along with the Chicago Starlets, packed my bags and hit the road to sunny Minneapolis to perform in the Best of Midwest Burlesk festival. I performed my StripperHero act…


and joined the Starlets for a super fun group number…

Chicago Starlets at BoMB 2011

Gang, this is quickly becoming my favorite weekend of the year.  The lovely ladies of Lili’s Burlesque really know how to put on an amazing festival.  The amount of love you feel during the whole weekend, along with hotness going on onstage is enough to warm you through the coldest Minnesota winter night.  And they top it all off with a sledding party! And I didn’t even kick any children in the face this year!  Success all around!

*Photos by Scott Streble*

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